Hello. This is where I get a quick moment of your attention to talk about myself. In reality, I hate talking about myself, or being the center of attention, hence why I much prefer being behind the lens. I'm open to questions, but I want to tell you more about my intentions.

My goal as a photographer, is to capture the essence of a moment. To do this, we need to be on certain level of familiarity as fellow collaborators. So, if you reach out to me asking to take your photos, I'll likely respond with an offer to grab coffee or a drink with you before we begin shooting. Doing this, breaks down the walls that we as humans tend to hold. It allows me to gain insight into who YOU are so that I can best portray this image in your photos. I do not want to take simple photos where you uncomfortably smile at the camera. I want to celebrate and respect you through the art that we create. 

Photography is art. Art is a celebration of the seen and unseen. 

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